Howard Birthday Bash Contest Page

YOU have to be a SiriusXM subscriber to enter and only 1 entry allowed !! Jan 31st at The Hammerstein Ballroom … The Superfans will be there!!!! Good luck !!!

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3 Responses to Howard Birthday Bash Contest Page

  1. Jackie Brent says:

    I love Howard and the gang so much and I listen
    religiously everyday. It’s also my 40th bday in February.
    This would be my dream gift!!

  2. Kristen Sandoval says:

    I listen everyday !! I’m 43 and listened since I was 13! I need to be at this birthday bash ! I’m such a devoted fan and listener !

  3. mike finkelstein says:

    turned 60, dealing with obama care, Im a long time listener, its my only channel when i am driving alone in the car .100/101

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