Kelsey Pictures

Superfan Kelsey came on the show today, and was wondering if she should get a breast reduction…..What do you think Superfans???

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14 Responses to Kelsey Pictures

  1. sDog says:

    She’s completely insane…They’re amazing!!!

  2. Barry says:

    Boobs are fine, do something about the face.

  3. Lizmerry says:

    They are beautiful, but if they bother her, then yes. Of course.

  4. SINGMAN00 says:


  5. k says:

    her face needs the 10k, not her chest.

  6. Lois says:

    jumped the shark

  7. rob jackson says:

    I wanna see em nude like they did. They all look good in a bra!!

  8. Nick says:

    1: She loved the attention
    2: If shes doing this because guys dont hit on her, she needs to move off of Fire Island
    3: Her tits WILL look like crap after she has them choped up.
    4: She has a cute face, the picture isn’t helping though
    5: How can we say she has a nice rack when shes covered up? She should be doing porn!

  9. Alex Gilmete says:

    She is beautiful. Don’t fix anything. Nothing needs repair!

  10. BlackHeart says:

    She is absolutely perfect. Beautiful face and perfect body. K is an IDIOT this girl is PERFECT Face Boobs and all. Don’t change a thing. Super cute face and perfect rack. DONT DO IT. TRUST ME. K – Your an idiot she’s beautiful.

  11. She must have been bullied by a bunch of small tity biatches her whole life…I would help her ego, and motor boat those beauties to pleasure heaven…

  12. Every 2,000 years, God expects humanity to impress him. With Kelsey, we have impressed him twice: First, that a beautiful, cute, perfectly figured woman would go on Howard TV and show off her natural born beauties. This would normally knock God off his pedestil, but he apparntly had a rod extended that helped keep him balanced. That is, until Kelsey unleashed those soft, perfectly curved, gravity defying mounds of mellow sweet happynessl. Laying on those breast would be like sleeping on a cload, but not just any cloud, but a cloud that can get you horney and comfort you and provide a nice sweet beverage, all at once! So, God looked over and denied any impure thoughts that Chelsey might have had. He wiped out any desire to redure the blessed size that God himself had bestowed upon her. And, as a final gesture of good will toward men, God mad Kelsey a nurse, which they’ll need after view her perfect body and blowing a gasket. Imagine, maybe you’ll end up in the hospital and find that Kelsey is your nurse. That, my friends, would be the most interesting man in the world. And upon winning Kelsey, he needs to retire and call himself the man who is married to the most beautiful girl in the world (who just happens to have ^^Kick Ass Tits^^

  13. Guyl says:

    She is perfect in ALL respects. What amazes me is that Howard got it right. His vision of women is so fucked up. Congrats Stern, you finally did something right when it comes to tits.

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