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Mariann From Brooklyn Says……

#10, woof woof meow meow support north shore animal league and Beth stern ,today begins the 36 hour pet adoption, if you can please adopt, i have saved many pets and have been a north shore member since 1976, yes … Continue reading

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The Royal Couple……

Here is a GREAT picture from the amazing Doctor Ivan of the happy royal couple……If you need any graphic design work you can check out Doctor Ivan website at and on Twitter @DocIvanSFN

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Stern Superfan Of The Week………

Heyyyyyy Nowwwww this week’s Stern Superfan of the week, goes to a woman who always entertains us with her posts and her  tv and movie reviews on Stern Facebook Superfan, I am talking about the one and only Anita Hennessey.  … Continue reading

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Mariann From Brooklyn Says…..

#10 congrats to joe and happy one month anniversary, a place to hear all about howard and the gang, just what we crave.well this weeks shows were exceptionally great, ronnie,lol did u guys get to hear ronnies girlfriend on the … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary……

Heyyyyyyy Nowwww……Thursday April 28th is our 1 month anniversary of I want to thank everybody who checked out the site and made comments and wrote some blogs on here. This is just the beginning, we have alot of cool … Continue reading

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R.I.P Phoebe Snow

Long time Stern show guest Phoebe Snow passed away yesterday. She was always on the Howard Stern birthday shows, and was always a fun and interesting guest. Howard is doing a eulogy about her now on the air. She had … Continue reading

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Mariann From Brooklyn Says….

#9 3 days into vacation and the howard stern show has been the greatest, ronnie, robin, gilbert, need i say more, enjoy your howard day! rest in peace phoebe snow and was it you howard was praying for you, and … Continue reading

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Robin in Peru

You know we are going to hear about this trip for years..I can’t wait to watch it all on Howard TV….If your a Stern superfan and your not watching Howard TV….GET IT!…I have it and I love it….Howwwwaaarrrrdddd!!!!

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Sour Shoes……

Sooooo What do you fans think of Sour Shoes??….I think he’s a genuis with the songs and the voices he does on the Stern show. He really should have his own show weekly on Howard 101 or tour around performing.  … Continue reading

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Gilbert back on the show

Gilbert Gottfried back on the show tomorrow. Gilbert is always a good guest and this is the first time he’s been on the show since getting fired from AFLAC for his insensitive jokes about Japan. Gilbert is always a funny … Continue reading

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