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Stern Superfan of the Week 4/1/11

Heyyyy Nowwww…..When I first came up with the idea of having a Stern superfan of the week, I wanted the first person to be special, and I thought long and hard of who it should be.  Then I saw my … Continue reading

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Submitting a post for

Heyyyyy everybody..I just want to thank everybody submitting ideas for the site..You all rock…One thing I do need from you when you are submitting is a email address, I will not put it in your posts but I do need … Continue reading

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Celebrities and The King Of All Media

This was sent in by superfan Luree :How cool is it when even the biggest celebrities feel like Superfans. Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon know the names of the “whackpackers”!! Recent guest Bradley Cooper admitted to Howard that as a … Continue reading

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Beth Stern in The New York Post

Beth O. Stern was featured today in The New York Post about foods that make men swoon. In the article Beth talked about a chicken dish she made for Howard, that made him fall even more head over heels for … Continue reading

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Rachel Fine sings “Sexy Men Of The Stern Show”

Here is the lovely and talented Rachel Fine singing with Richard Christy and Sal Governale. Rachel is the host of Howard TV’s “Bonus Show” and she is a great singer…Rachel ROCKS!! and Richard and Sal aren’t bad either…Enjoy!!

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Biz Stone interview

Very interesting interview today on the Stern show, with Biz Stone the founder of Twitter.  He started and pretty much creating blogging and wanted a smaller version of blogs with Twitter. I liked that he said with Twitter you dont … Continue reading

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Sal and Richard

What do you superfans think of Sal and Richard?? I love them and their wacky and crazy phone calls and their antics on air with Howard. I think Richard is the more funnier of the two, cause hes more down … Continue reading

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Heyyyy nowwwww Superfans..I want to thank you ALL for making this a great first day of what I really believe is going to be a awesome blog site. What I want from you is to tell your Stern stories, all … Continue reading

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Howard and Beth O. leaving Letterman

This is a great video of Howard leaving the Letterman show after his last appearance on The David Letterman show. The Stern superfans were all outside cheering on The King Of All Media. Its always such a fun time when … Continue reading

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Deb the Parrot Lady

Who here loves to hear the antics of Deb The Parrot Lady and wants to hear more from her, I think shes funny but that voice….Its just too much….I love when Ronnie The Limo Driver tells her to get T-O-P-L-E-S-S  … Continue reading

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